We supply an extremely wide range of concrete, available for piling and tailored to each customer order, we can arrange for specialist formulations with mixing on site. Everything you would expect from a top tier concrete supplier.

  • Coated Reinforced Concrete

    Structures made with reinforced concrete have the potential to corrode due to deterioration. This is mainly due to the corrosion of the admixtures which grant this reinforcing ability.

  • Coloured Concrete

    Coloured concrete provides a permanent, cost-effective alternative to decorative surface coatings and brings colour and texture to a wide range of structures – from footpaths, flooring and facades to skate parks, shopping centres and sea defences.

  • Easy Pour Concrete

    Easy Pour Concrete is quick and easy to place, needs little vibration, and moves easily through intricate or congested reinforcement. This can offer a substantial reduction in labour and equipment.

  • Early Strength Concrete

    Early strength concrete range can be designed for various levels of compressive strength, enabling the concrete to take a vast amounts of different loads from low compressive strength when strength properties are not integral to the project, to a very high compressive strength where a high level of strength is imperative to the success of the project

  • Fibre Reinforced Concrete

    Structural fibres (plastic) are manufactured from a high-strength, high modulus synthetic plastic. They are designed to replace welded mesh and light reinforcement bars.

  • Heat-Conducting Concrete

    Heat-conducting concrete is a robust, high-performance concrete, used as a bedding and infill material for underground HV and UHV cabling. The special material properties of this type of concrete results in low heat transmission resistance.

  • High Performance Concrete

    Increased durability and strength may be used as part of the initial design stage to minimise additional protective measures. This results in a possible reduction in reinforcement, and a possible reduction in cover to reinforcement. Plus, more slender cast elements such as columns which in turn provides more usable floor space within the build.



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